I have been thinking for quite some-time to build a puzzle. I think I have built an awesome one and hope everyone finds it awesome to hack You can download the jar from here. Aim: Make the program terminate gracefully Terminate gracegully: Implies that the program should end. And it should not end by throwing an Exception

Well the scala community has decided to deprecate view bounds in Scala. I suspect it might have to do with brevity. Full discussion can be viewed here Well looks like most of the view bounds (<%) can be converted to context bounds. Lets see different strategies that can help us do the same. Suppose we have: To

I have been working on Scala recently and it has been a pure pleasure. I am in love with the language. And Yes! it indeed is a beast. Generics/Parametrization is something that has always kept me on the hook even after good amount of experience in it. Thanks to Scala and lectures by Martin Odersky,

This is  the first part of series of posts I plan to put-up on effective memory-centric cache implementations. Well I have been working and going through different cache implementations in Java. Below is a discussion on some of them. The aim is to choose the perfect cache for a respective scenario. Below I have tried

For one of the projects where Neo4J is being used, I have been working on implementing K-Shortest Path algorithm using Yen’s loopless improvised algorithm. Now an issue in the algorithm is that; Say  in computing top 4 shortest path, what the algorithm does is that it when computing the 2nd shortest path; It removes arcs

In the summer of 2011, I (in a team of five) had participated in Massachusetts Institute  of Technology, Indian Mobile Initiative – The NEXT BIG IDEA Challenge. We had constructed an App cum service called KickStart. The below are the certificates with official MIT hologram         PS: The article which appeared on KickStart in