Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali!!

Bawa (Yes!+ architect) had written a beautiful post some years back on his blog on diwali. Its a brilliant article which I make sure to read it every year:

One the eve of Deepawali

from baus blog

Most people believe that business and spirituality are at loggerheads with each other. A person doing business cannot afford to be spiritual and a person who is spiritual shouldn’t care about business. This is what the so called experts say…

The Ancients knew better!!

The Goddess of Wealth Laxmi signifies the epitome of Business. She sits on a lotus which is in water. Meaning that wealth and prosperity can be very fleeting. Any moment they could sink! Also the lotus signifies a fully blossomed consciousness and that only such a person is really capable of handling wealth effectively. The finances of a country (or a family for that matter) need to be managed by extremely capable hands, other wise, the wealth (and the country) could go under very fast… (America… You listening to this?!  )

To drive home that Wealth is best in the hands of someone extremely skillful and with a fully blossomed consciousness, Laxmi is married to Lord Narayana… The epitome of Spirituality, the very First Guru. Narayana means one with a highly sensitive and fully developed nervous system. He is the Preserver aspect of the Holy Trinity. Also from His navel springs forth a Lotus in which sits Lord Brahma, the creator of all. So He also has the creative impulse at His command. Only such a person can handle and maintain wealth effectively!

Narayana is usually depicted lying on the Shesh Naga, the King of serpents who is floating on an ocean of milk. This is such beautiful symbolism! The King of serpents is His seat, meaning that He is supremely aware… yet He is lying down, relaxing, which signifies that though He is super aware and alert at all times, He does it effortlessly… The ocean of milk signifies extreme abundance… An infinite ocean of wealth is His!

To such a one comes Goddess Laxmi as wife.

Not only do business and spirituality complement each other… They are married to each other!

A hard core business person (with no spirituality) has the habit of monetizing everything. See a beautiful painting, think ahhh … Rs 5 Lakhs! See a lovely bungalow, think hmmm… Rs 25 Crores and so on… Even after acquiring all, he cannot appreciate what he has, coz all he can see around him are small and big piles of money. He has no ability to appreciate and enjoy the finer things in Life… Many Gujju friends come to mind

When such a person learns and practices meditation, his heart opens up… He realizes that there is life beyond money. He learns to enjoy his money and use it for the good of himself and others, instead of just jealously hoarding it. Spirituality brings the Heart back to the business man.

Now, I have this brilliant (if i may say so myself ) message for everyone. But to get it to you, i need a computer, i need internet (preferably broadband) access, i need to be able to host my blog, etc, all of which needs money… So for spirituality to spread, it needs the support of commerce. It needs wealth. Thus business becomes the Legs of Spirituality.

Business and Spirituality are intricately linked. They are married to each other. Don’t make the mistake of divorcing them! :)

Many people make the mistake of running after Laxmi (money)… Would anyone like it if someone else wooed their wife? You think Lord Narayana is going to be pleased if you go after His beloved wife?! :) They may even get the money, but that money only brings them pain of different flavours. What else do you expect if you piss off Her husband?! :)

The intelligent ones, they go after Lord Narayana Himself. They learn and practice Meditation… Go deeper into Spirituality, coz they know, if you have Him, then His wife has to follow! Where He is, she is! So Wealth and abundance come to these lucky, wise people and with Lord Narayana and Goddess Laxmi on their side, they become supremely happy and extremely comfortable as well

Deepawali is the Celebration of Abundance. Of Wealth. Of the Goddess Laxmi in all Her glory. But for this celebration to be complete, there has to be a deep, spiritual, meditative consciousness underlying it, otherwise its just pretty lights and loud noises.

This year, in between the sweets and the fireworks, meditate and do Pooja. Do some Seva and have a bit of Satsang.

Make this Deepawali a meaningful glorious Celebration for yourself and others around you.


We wish everyone a very, very Happy Deepawali and a fantastic, prosperous and meditative New Year!!!

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa (n dinesh)

PS: I did not post a direct link to their blog as their server is currently down. Will do it once its running again 🙂