In the Moment

In my fourth year here at Bits Goa (Love saying Bits Goa rather than Bits Pilani Goa) when I see my other fourth year friends hanging around both in campus and outside; its very easy to observe they roam around (including myself) like they own this place and they are the master of most of the things around. They are free and do stuff they enjoy doing rather than just running behind grades or other formalities.

And frankly I just love this feeling, because it makes me live as ME and no one else. I do not care of what others think or act. I do stuff what I enjoy doing in my regular life without caring of the consequences, thus living 100% of my academic life.

But if I think again, what made me blocked to the same feeling, 2 or 3 years back. Everything was the same. I dont own anything now, nor I used to then. Infact the responsibility of stuff and stress has only increased. But still I was never as open then as I am today. And this is quite evident in lives of general people in campus. In the first year, people are shy and remote to new things. They are a little bit scared of the consequences of the result. The feeling reduces with time as they come to second year; but still prevalent. Interestingly the same thing had happened previously at school and in 11th, 12th.

What can be the reason for this? If we deeply think, the difference arises because now I dont distinguish my self with the surroundings. I treat everything as mine. I am in the moment not shy of any new experiment’s or trying out new stuff. Because I know I live at this amazing place just like my home. There is no two, its only one. And like at home I can do anything I want without caring of the consequences. And personally this is quite apparent also from whatever rewards I have got in last 8 months when compared to my first and second year.

What if I had the same feeling in the first year when I came to this place. What if every one lived the way they like to live. Imagine the amount of personal growth that would have happened in a period of 4-5 years thus resulting in personal and professional excellence. And the same cycle will again happen when I join a new place.

But this time I will have to be smart 🙂