Guest Lecture at Spectra 1.0

We (I and Nehil) were invited to give a Guest Lecture at Spectra 1.0, the technical Festival organized by Department of Computer Science, Shree Damodar College Margaon; In association with Department of IT, Government of Goa.

The lecture was primarily an Introduction to Android and about the technologies revolving around it. You can download my presentation from here

In short the outline of the presentation:

  • Android – A brief History
  • Android Internals
  • Why you should care about Android
  • Android App in 15 Minutes
  • The Future

I was roughly covering the first two and Nehil the rest with the third one as the intersection. The audience was surprisingly very enthusiastic.



When I started my talk so as to increase the audience participation, I asked them a question to tell me anything they know or heard about Android. Some of the answers were impressive; From it was started by Andy Rubin to the use and need of Linux Kernel etc. Hence at that moment I knew that these people were sincerely interested in the talk and that pumped me more.



After about speaking for 45 Min, Nehil continued with a short introduction to App Inventor. We thought that App Inventor was necessary as it a very simple tool to build app’s quickly. His introduction was the best I have seen in recent past with he getting hold of the audience in hardly a minute. You can find his presentation here.
It was a nice experience. Thanks to the organizers of the fest especially Mr.Sumit and Mr. Mangesh sir from Bits for inviting us.

1) Nehil’s  post.
2) Pics from our Talk