Clojure for Netbeans 7.*

For sometime now I have thinking to explore my domain and for a change learn a new Language. Inspired from the talk by Dr.Dragan Djuric on Clojure, I decided to go behind Clojure.

As a Netbeans enthusiast I was looking for a plugin for Clojure. On first Google search came across Enclojure which is a Netbeans plugin for Clojure. From the explanation, I followed the instructions to install it on my 7.0.1 version. But on installing it threw the following error:

Some plugins require plugin Lucene Integration to be installed.
The plugin Lucene Integration is requested in version >=
(release version 1) but only 3.2.1 (of release version different from
1) was found.  The following plugin is affected:       Enclojure
Clojure Plugin
Some plugins require plugin Editor Library to be installed.
The plugin Editor Library is requested in version >=
(release version 2) but only (of release version different
from 2) was found.  The following plugin is affected:       Enclojure
Clojure Plugin

On searching realized that this is a common problem for installing it on > Netbeans 7.*. But with some manual tweeks managed to install it. Here are the instructions to install on Netbeans 7.* plus:

  1. Install Netbeans 7. You need only the Java SE version.
  2. First Run of Netbeans after installation. Activate feature Java SE
    • Activate features is on the Start page or from Tools,->Plugins>Installed, click ‘Activate next to the Java SE support
    • Install Maven
    • It is HIGHLY recommended that you install maven:
    • Go to the Netbeans->Preferences, click on the Miscellaneous tab and make sure the External Maven Home path is pointed to your maven install
  3. Download the EnClojure 1.5 version from here. If you want  to manually build, you can do that by following the instructions from here.
  4. After downloading the file, In Netbeans: Goto:- Tools ->Plugins->Downloaded->Add Plugins->Downloaded (as shown in the figure below)
    Then browse to the downloaded file. Later install by clicking at the “install : button.
  5. Restart and you are on the go.
  6. Visit hereto build and run hello world project.Basically building the EnClojure 1.5 manually is the tough job. I hope above was useful.