Nirmaan – An Experience

Nirmaan – An Experience, My Experience…..


It so happened that till I was 16, my upbringing was at a place called Mubarak Nagar 5 KM’s away from Nizamabad which is 170 KM away from Hyderabad. Mubarak Nagar is a typical south Indian village which used to suffer from the usual problem what average villages in the country face. Currently there is not much problem due to modernization and quite good governance. But I had seen the evolution of Mubarak Nagar from a place where 60% community were involved in naxalism, where Law and order was horrible and pathetic, where Liquor and Spirits were destroying the hormonal existence of society, where there was very high illiteracy and poor medical facilities etc. Hence I had the complete view of what problems the whole community had undergone and always had a soft corner in heart to try help villages grow in every aspect I can.

And so when I came across Nirmaan after joining this campus, initially I was a bit resistant to join probably because I had not much idea about the work which Nirmaan was doing. But when finally came to know the complete details from Tarin Bansal, I immediately joined it in no time. Nirmaan was different, different because there was complete freedom of thought irrespective of which year you were in. Also everyone was giving their best to make sure all the tasks were completed in an effective manner. But the best part was that Nirmaan was working in root of the problems, instead of focusing on outer layers. It was tough because it involved a lot of field work, but that is what personally made me strong.

Apart from service, on a personal side it made me more confident, more determined and made me stronger to face tough situations. A lot of credits also have to go to the Ex-Com team for the sheer determination and strong commitment they had. For example I remember in November, when a student committee was formed by SWD, to aid some campus welfare initiatives, I remember Kunjan, Manoj(Sorry if I forgot anyone else) etc having discussions regarding what initiatives to take so that in future smart people from campus join Nirmaan instead of the other committee. Hats off to their Vision and commitment which I truly admire.

Overall a brilliant experience. Nirmaan volunteer for life.

Jatin Puri