Happy Types

I had prepared this month’s monthly newsletter on generics in Java for my team. It may not be the one ring, but might help you gaining a step, to become the one ring in `Generics` in Java (In case if you are not already). It can be accessed here.

Table of Contents and brief summary:


Here we introduce some terms: Co-Variance, Contra-Variance, In-variance. And then explain what do they actually mean.


  • We observe the true strengths of `? extends` and `? super` and when should you be using what.
  • Almost all different case one can think of.

Some More Cool Stuff

Please let me know in case you disagree with something.


PS: The booklet has been generated using Scalatex developed by Li Haoyi. You might want to look at it. Its easier to setup than Jekyll and certainly more expressive than WordPress. And provides compile time like type safety.