Scala World


Well I am back from Scala World. The most awesome scala conference of its keep!

Not only were there awesome speakers: Paul Phillips (you have to admit, its not that easy finding Paul give scala talks now), Runar Bjarnason (found his talk to be the best), Jon Pretty (of-course), Bill Venners, Michael Pilquist, Miles Sabin, Erik Osheim, Sebastien Doeraene of Scala.js fame, Lars, Dmitry of dotty, Roland Kuhn, Adriaan Moors, John De Goes, Daniel Spiewak etc etc etc. In short, if the roof came down you all could have gone back to using Java!

So again, not only where there awesome speakers but it was very very personal. The two awesome treks with speakers and other fellow members, the dinner on day-1 with people seated in an alphabetical order (I had Michael Pilquist and Iulian Dragos on my table), the ease of interaction with all the super stars around. It was damn good! Probably the most personal conference I have ever been to.

You can view all the talks on the youtube channel here. And yes, here is me introducing Miles for his talk 🙂

PS: Thanks to super awesome Jon Pretty for having me over. I definitely owe you one.